Follow My Travel Adventures with My Partner in Crime

For years I used to look at travel books, atlases, and the most amazing photos of places throughout the United States. For the longest time I thought they would just be pipe dreams. Then I met my adventure buddy and he had the same goals and dreams. Since 2015, we’ve gone on A LOT of adventures together and have only just begun.

We have a little inside joke that we say to each other: WE NEVER DO ANYTHING… well… as the story goes, that is quite the contrary. Can’t wait for where the road will take us next!

Check Out My “Reformed” Web and Graphic Design Biz

Since 1997, I have been working as a freelance graphic/web designer and online marketing. Recently I’ve decided to get back into the design world (while I still do my SCIENCING), and have dedicated my new business name: Blue Canyon Creative – the name is inspired for my love of traveling out west.

Hit me up if you ever need help with branding, something designed, or getting your name out there for all to see how awesome you and your business are! I’m always looking for new clients and building long-lasting relationships!